Ganz: How I lost my Beetle
Ganz: How I lost my Beetle

Ganz: How I lost my Beetle

2019  | 55 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Suzanne Raes
  • Cast: Gerd, Lorenz, Paul, Maja, Rémy, Andrei, Dieter, Norbert, Ralf Beil, Suzanne, Dr. Wright
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The Volkswagen Beetle has become an icon of popular culture over the decades, despite its origins being shrouded in intrigue. The car that was once championed by Nazis and Hitler in a bid to make Germany a fully motorized country, is now believed to be the creation of a Jewish engineer, whose name was erased from history books. How did this happen? What was the fate of the visionary who was forced to flee Germany and leave his dreams behind? Watch this feature that traces the history of the car and its unfortunate creator.