From Cremona To Cremona
From Cremona To Cremona

From Cremona To Cremona

2017 | 71 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Maria Averina
  • Cast: Eva Marinov, Christo Marinov, Ivan Bizov, Stoyanka Ivanova
  • Awards: Bulgarian Film Academy Award for Best Documentary & Best Sound
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Cremona in Italy is especially noted for its musical history and traditions and has been home to some of the most renowned luthiers. Young Ivan moves from Cremona, Bulgaria to the Italian town to learn the art of violin-making. In his quest for success and recognition, Ivan has to face barriers of language, disillusionment, homesickness and the ground realities of violin-making. This feature offers a glimpse of the passion and the difficulties of those who choose to make living crafting violins.