Free Men
Free Men

Free Men

2019  |  90 Min

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  • Director: Anne-Frédérique Widmann
  • Cast: Kenneth Reams, Beatrice Whiteside, Deborah Moore, Amelia Atkins, Calvin Porter, Ndume Olatushani, Donna, Megan, Isabelle, Brigitte, Amie, George Kendall, George, Samantha Knights
  • Awards: Honourable Mention - Montreal International Black Film Festival, Special Jury Award - Algiers International Cinema Festival, FIFDH - Champ-Dollon Jury Prison Award
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On December 15, 1993, Kenneth Reams, an African-American from Arkansas, was sentenced to death for capital murder. An accomplice in a botched up robbery, Reams became the victim of a biased jury. The man, still behind bars after two decades, finds hope in art that is exhibited by his partner, Isabelle. Will the duo’s voices be heard? How long is it before this victim of the system gives up?