2015 | 27 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Luise Grossmann, Felix Wunner
  • Cast: Rusty Miller, Tricia, Paola Cannucciari, Leo Gama, Timm Phillips, Rosanna Bille, Odin Zuhri, Oscar Eagles, Widya FeiFei
  • Awards: Best Documentary Short Film – Barcelona Planet Film Festival
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On a surfing trip to Bali in 2015, Luise and Felix were shocked to see the beaches filled with trash. They were inspired to take action, and ended up inventing the world's first sustainable surfboard fin made with recycled marine waste from Indonesia. Volunteers from the Asian country send the recycled material to Australia where it is transformed into a high-performance composite material, with stiffness and flex for the best surfing experience. Their efforts show that even small steps taken towards saving the environment count.