Dugma: The Button
Dugma: The Button

Dugma: The Button

2016  | 64 minutes  |  premium  |   
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  • Director: Paul Salahadin Refsdal
  • Cast: Abu Qaswara, Abu Basir Al Britani
  • Awards: Best Mid-Length Documentary Award - Hot Docs 2016, Best Mid-Length Documentary Award - Nordic/Docs 2016, The Golden Chair Award for Best Documentary - The Norwegian Short Film Festival Gullstolen 2016, National Film Award Amanda for Best Documentary 2016, Honorable Mention at Message to Man International Film Festival St. Petersburg 2016, Golden Nymph for Best Documentary - Monte Carlo TV Festival 2017, Official Selections - Nordisk Panorama 2016, IDFA 2016 & Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival 2017
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The Syrian wing of the Al Qaeda has a martyrdom list - a queue of men waiting for their chance to become suicide bombers & take the express line to Paradise. Abu Qaswara has left a steady job and family to volunteer on this list. He’s been on it for two years and while he seems enthusiastic, his motivation and determination are faltering. British convert Abu Basir is all for martyrdom before marriage but two weeks after, he starts worrying about leaving his family behind. Their righteousness does not waver but the desire to live begins to outweigh the wish to serve Allah. Will they still press the Button?