Do No Harm
Do No Harm

Do No Harm

2017  | 90 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 16+
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  • Director: Harry Wiland
  • Cast: Andrew Kolodny, Harriet Ryan, Mary Jeanne Kreek, Richard Evans, Katherine Eban, Joel W Hay, Gary Franklin, Dennis O'Leary, Lewis Nelson, Alan Spanos, Linda Gianotti, Andrew Saxon, David Tauben, Lauren Cambra, David Crow, Richard Ries
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Over 500,000 Americans have died due to opioid overdose related reasons in last twenty years, more than all Americans killed on the battlefield since World War II. Manufactured by Purdue, Oxycontin was marketed as a 12-hour time release pain-reliever, with no high, and as a non-addictive drug. The so-called miracle drug has left over 2 million Americans addicted to prescription opioids. In this documentary narrated by Ed Harris, visit the ground zero centers of the worst man-made epidemic in the history of American medicine.