The Divided Soul of America
The Divided Soul of America

The Divided Soul of America

2019 | 52 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Jörg Daniel Hissen
  • Cast: David Cay Johnston, Thomas Frank, Paula Green, Mark Lilla, Mauly Crabapple, Brit Bennett, Jeremy Peters, Dana Singer, David Boaz, Chris Bedford, Jeff Chapman Crane, Gwen Johnson
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The rise of Donald Trump has often been attributed to his populist methods and claims. Here’s a man who doesn’t let facts or propriety stop him from saying whatever will please his supporters. From the denial of climate change to win over the coal-miners of one of America’s poorest states, to persecution of Mexicans to appease the angry, out-of-jobs working classes. But he hasn’t won over all of America, he has managed to divide it. What do people from the other side of this ideological Wall think of Trump and those who back him? Can this Wall be breached? Journalists, activists, and others investigate the culture war raging in the USA.