2018  | 52 minutes  |  premium  |  U  |   
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  • Director: Laurent Mini
  • Cast: Pascal Bernabé, Dr. Bernard Gardette, François Brun, Theo Mavrostomos
  • Awards: North Sea Film Festival Award 2012, Special Prize of the Jury - 44th International Maritime Film Festival of Exploration and Environment 2012, Ushuaia Prize - Adventure and Discovery Festival of Val D'Isère 2012, First Prize - PAF Tachov Festival 2012, Grand Prize - Festival of Underwater Images 2012, Extreme Prize - Mediterranea Festival 2012
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Ultra deep-diving is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Hundreds of feet under the sea the smallest error or malfunction could lead to certain and gory death. Pascal Bernabé was no stranger to deep-diving having undertaken many dives for scientists and researchers. But this dive was different. It was a planned and determined effort to set the world record for the deepest dive ever. Pascal reveals his emotions and determination as he prepared to make the dive that could very well be his last, in this inspiring film that exposes the magnetic pull of the deep, dark sea.