Dan: The Himalayan Ibex
Dan: The Himalayan Ibex

Dan: The Himalayan Ibex

2019  |  10 Min

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  • Director: Dr. Dev Kanya Thakur
  • Cast: Rajesh Kumar, Sonam Ram Thakur, Bal Krishan Bargul, Tenzin Khando, Shashi Kiran, Hee Ram Gaud, Tenzin Namo
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Called Dan in Lahauli dialect and Tangrol in Hindi, the Himalayan Ibex is a rare animal found in the upper Himalayan region. Over the years, the ibex population substantially dwindled due to rampant hunting and unmonitored afforestation. The ibex, usually found at elevations of 3800m and higher, also hold cultural significance in the art and culture of the Himalayas. As this rare mountain goat ages, its horns grow heavier, hindering its ability to climb steep mountains and seek food. Women’s groups have come to play a vital role in the conservation of forests, and with greater forest cover, the population of the Himalayan ibex has also recovered.