Church of Saint Lazarus
Church of Saint Lazarus

Church of Saint Lazarus

2017  | 26 minutes  |  4K  |  premium  |  U  |   Rated 7+  | 
 Rated 7+
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  • Director: Yanai Arfi
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The subject of a wonderful miracle in the Gospel of John, Saint Lazarus of Bethany was restored to life four days after his death. The biblical town of Bethany is today called al-Eizariya and is located in the West Bank. It houses the Church of Saint Lazarus, in close proximity to the tomb of Lazarus and the site of the house of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Built in 1953 by the Monticelli Company of Rome and designed by Antonio Barluzzi, its walls are hermetically closed and windowless. Yet, the upper structure surmounted by the dome lets in sun’s rays which suggests an optimistic and happy future.