Britain's Ultranationalists
Britain's Ultranationalists

Britain's Ultranationalists

2017 | 54 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Aran Tori
  • Cast: Aran Tori, Gerard Batten, Oswald Mosley
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In the wake of BREXIT and Donald Trump’s presidency, the far-right has made large strides in Britain’s political landscape. In this film, journalist Aran Tori picks extremist minds that are shaping the far-right movement. Explore the views of ultra-nationalists like Anne Marie Waters, founder of the For Britain party, white supremacist Paul Pitt, and Jack Sen, a former UKIP Parliamentary candidate. And those that have stepped away from the movement- Tommy Robinson’s uncle & co-founder of the English Defence League- Darren Carroll & Ivan Humble, who have devoted themselves to supporting diversity and tolerance.