Borderland Blues
Borderland Blues

Borderland Blues

2016  | 59 minutes  |  premium  |  U/A


 Rated 13+
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  • Director: Gudrun Gruber
  • Cast: Paige Corich-Kleim, Tim Foley, Antonia Gallegos, Roberto Carranza, John Ladd, Gary Thrasher
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The border between Mexico and the USA is the focus of this feature that covers the different perspectives towards those crossing the border illegally. The US Border Patrol opt to chase down migrants as they move inwards on American soil, while the militia groups choose to patrol the actual fences. On the other ideological side are humanitarian groups leaving water and food at drop-off points for those lost in the desert while crossing. Caught in the middle are the ranchers whose property is becoming a battleground for these many opposing forces, and the Native Americans to whom the border that divides their land is meaningless.