Ata, Painting Black
Ata, Painting Black

Ata, Painting Black

2015 | 71 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Primavera Ruiz
  • Cast: Ataulfo Casado
  • Awards: Special Jury Mention - Madrid Film Festival
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Nothing gave more joy to Ataúlfo Casado than watching a sea of colors and replicating them on his canvas. But tragedy struck when he was about taste success as a painter. Ata, as he is fondly called, lost his eyesight at 42 and plunged into depression. Fifteen years later, he makes a return to the studio and with the help of an assistant begins painting prolifically. It is still the one thing that gives him joy. But his pension can barely cover his daily needs and his health is deteriorating rapidly. Does he have it in him to continue his passion against all obstacles?