Around Them
Around Them

Around Them

2015 | 52 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Rubén Señor
  • Cast: Evangelina Rojas, Katie French, Lizet Gabriela Pomas, Andrea Gavilanes, Joann Frondoso, Eka Fitrayani, Daolinh Soukphonh, Liana Shazni, Nupan Nawayataye, Withney Tangaroa, Andrea Ferreria, Milagro Olivares, Ladda Thepwong, Latanya Williams, Zoe Jingjing
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Despite differences in nationality, social status, and religion, do we have a lot in common? Women from 15 countries answer questions about beliefs, issues of general interest, breaking stereotypes, romantic relationships, and how they deal with gender issues in their countries. ‘Around Them’ goes back and forth between four continents and features women from China, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and the USA.