Alamto: A Reptile Wonderland
Alamto: A Reptile Wonderland

Alamto: A Reptile Wonderland

2014  | 60 minutes  |   |  U/A


 Rated 16+
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  • Director: Fathollah Amiri
  • Awards: Festival Statue Turquoise Badge Diploma of Honor and Grand Prix - 8th Haghighat International Film Festival, Best Imaging -Festival of Sound and Cinema Production, Best Director & Best Editing - Festival of Sound and Cinema Production, Best Film - Voice and Cinema Production Festival, Golden Doodle Winner - Tabriz Sound Production Festival, Best Documentary Music - Cinema House, Winner of the best sculpture of the Cinema Celebration, Best Documentary Imaging- Cinema Celebration, Best Documentary Imaging - Tehran Short Film Festival, Best Documentary - Tehran Short Film Festival, Golden Statue - Best Documentary Film from Roshd International Film Festival, Statute of the Environmental Protection Agency - Roshd International Film Festival
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In zoological circles, Iran is known for its biodiversity and robust ecosystem, which differs from the wildlife found in Africa and other neighboring regions. In the west of Iran lies the Alamto desert, where the land has been formed by the Zagros ‘fold-and-thrust’ belt. The desert offers an ideal combination of natural conditions that allow it to host a variety of rare reptiles, including one of the most mysterious creatures in the animal kingdom: the spider-tailed horned viper. Alamto: A Reptile Wonderland focuses on several such rare species and showcases their mating rituals, hunting practices, and more.