Across the Sahara
Across the Sahara

Across the Sahara

2018 | 53 minutes  | 

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  • Director: Michael L. Worrall
  • Cast: Michael L. Worrall, Samuel Joynson, Adam Sloper, Marjorie Murray, Paul Murray, Sylvette Cerisey, Sidi Khattry
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In this entertaining yet enlightening film, two British backpackers will go to any lengths to find a bit of sunshine to liven up their summer. After their trip to Costa Del Sol proves to be a cloudy affair, the travellers wonder if better weather may lie further south. Beginning in Morocco and making their way through the Western Saharan Territories, the duo make their way through Mauritania and Senegal. Their expedition features an excruciatingly long bus journey, speeding freight trains, minefield crossing taxis, and an iron ore train heading into the Sahara.