About us

Headquartered in Mumbai, DocuBay is a global membership video-on-demand platform designed specifically for streaming documentaries. Developed to cater to factual entertainment viewers, the platform offers mainstream, engaging, relevant and insightful content across genres from leading creators across the globe. Laying emphasis on curation and discovery, DocuBay offers a new documentary every day.

It is available across multiple devices and is accessible in more than 170 countries, with its team spread between US, UK, Europe and Asia. Viewers can join the community with Quarterly Premium Membership and Yearly OneTribe Membership Plans.

DocuBay is a part of IN10 Media Network, a company with a plethora of offerings across the media and entertainment sector. Led by entrepreneur Aditya Pittie, IN10 Media Network has its efforts focused on building world-class brands that are the epitome of quality content.