A Doctor's Sword
A Doctor's Sword

A Doctor's Sword

2014  |  52 Min

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  • Director: Gary Lennon
  • Cast: Adrienne MacCarthy, Nicola MacCarthy, Kathleen MacCarthy
  • Awards: Irish Film and Television Awards 2016, Cork Film Festival, Kerry International Film Festival, New Jersey Irish Film Festival 2018
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Aidan MacCarthy is the only known World War II veteran to survive both the Battle of Dunkirk in France & the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in Japan. In between that time, MacCarthy spent 4 years as a prisoner of war in some of the harshest conditions, enduring starvation, malnutrition, forced labor, beatings and torture. When he returned home after years as a POW, he brought with him a Japanese samurai sword given to him by one of his captors. His daughters, Nicola and Adrienne, try to trace the Japanese history of their father’s sword, 68 years later.