19 and Homeless
19 and Homeless

19 and Homeless

2019  |  90 Min

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  • Director: Maureen Palmer
  • Cast: Kelly, Candy, Dillion, Amber, Jared, Marcus, Kali, Roshine Morrison, Barbara Lawson, Graham Kelly
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As youngsters turn 19, they age out of Canada’s robust foster care system and are sent out to fend for themselves. Once out of the system, some become victims of substance abuse, excessive drinking, rape, violence, robberies, suicide, and murder, as they are often compelled to live in garbage bags, cardboard boxes, and similar forms of temporary residence. Maureen Palmer’s ‘19 & Homeless’ profiles 8 Canadian youths, out of which 3 identify as LGBTQ+ and 5 are indigenous. The film transforms statistics into feisty, ambitious young people who are paying the price for a failing foster care system.